2016 AGM Recap

May 27, 2016


Our Local Annual General Meeting took place Thursday, May 26th, 2016 at Klages Mill & Garden in Chesley. We elected the Local Executive and ETFO Annual Meeting alternates, approved the budget, amended the Constitution, and received reports of the officers.

2016 Executive Reports:
President – Andrew Chittka >
Vice President – Amanda Anderson >
Professional Learning Officer – Lenora Bristow >
Status of Women – Jaclyn Coburn >


Everyone in attendance received a complimentary Social Justice and Equity resource and enjoyed a captivating presentation from our Bluewater OT colleague, Linda Thorn, author of Beautiful Joe: A true dog rescue story.

Congratulations to the 6 Bluewater OTs who received our OT Teaching Awards - Megan England, Kaitlyn Gravett, Shannon Miller, Kathy McHaig, Barb Harris and Brent Thompson.

We also awarded our inaugural Recognition of Inviting Schools Awards, and this year's recipients were Hanover Heights and Keppel Sarawack.

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ETFO professional relations staff provide information, advice, support, and intervention for members who are experiencing professional difficulties covering a broad range of issues.

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