Local Professional Learning



Dependent care is available for any member of the Local to be able to access any event hosted by the Local, including General Meetings and Professional Learning Opportunities.


The maximum reimbursement for dependent care is $50.00 per day.


Payment for child care is limited to dependents 14 years of age and under.


Payment for adult dependent care is limited to an adult/child whose care is the responsibility of the member.


The dependent care provider must not be a relative of the member, nor someone who would normally provide dependent care without charging for the service.


In order to receive a payment, a Dependent Care form must be completed with an appropriate receipt within 30 days following the activity to be approved by the President, who will forward it to the Treasurer for reimbursement.


Members will not be reimbursed for dependent care given during the instructional day.



From July 1st to June 1st, keep your receipts for any resources you purchase for professional growth as an occasional teacher. Those who apply will receive reimbursement of up to $40 on a first come, first serve basis until funds are depleted. 



From July 1st to June 1st, keep your receipts for any ETFO conferences, workshops, AQ's, summer academy sessions or events offered by non-profit organizations for a chance via a draw to receive reimbursement of up to $100 of the fees associated with the cost of attending the event. 



Local Workshop Opportunities will be emailed to your non-board email.




Some ETFO conferences and workshops offer release time for participants. Release time is when you get paid at your teaching rate, while you’re attending the event.

Bluewater Occasional Teachers' Local

Local President: Andrew Chittka

Email: Andrew.Chittka@gmail.com

Call/Text: 1 (519) 377-8018

Get Social: #ETFO #BluewaterOT

ETFO Professional Relations Services

Toll Free: 1-888-838-3836


ETFO professional relations staff provide information, advice, support, and intervention for members who are experiencing professional difficulties covering a broad range of issues.

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