If you are an Occasional Teacher you can be paid regular benefits during non-teaching periods (generally summer break, Christmas and March break).​

Check out Service Canada for more details>


How do I request my Record of Employment?

  • All daily and LTO Records of Employment will be sent electronically to Service Canada automatically 5 calendar days after the last pay period in July. 


How many hours do I need to start a Regular Employment Insurance claim?

  • The number of hours or weeks you need to qualify for E.I. are based on where you live and the unemployment rate in your economic region at the time you file your claim which can be looked up on the Service Canada website


For E.I reporting purposes, how much do I make in a 1.0 day?

You need to report our daily rate plus vacation pay.

  • As of  September 1, 2018: 241.92$ for 1.0 day

  • As of February 1, 2019: 244.34$ for 1.0 day

  • As of August 31, 2019: 245.56$ for 1.0 day


How can I find out how many weeks I am entitled to in my claim?

  • Log into your My Service Canada Account. 


Related Collective Agreement Clauses:


Letter of Agreement: Re Employer Insurance: It is understood and agreed by the parties that, subject to Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, Federal Department (HRSD) rules, the daily hours of work for a full day assignment, for E.I. Reporting purposes, shall be recognized as eight (8).


15.03 Pregnancy/Parental/Adoption Leave
Pregnancy/Parental/Adoption Leave provisions are provided in Letter of Agreement #8 of the Central Agreement.

15.03.01 Pregnancy/Parental/Adoption Leaves will be in accordance with the current Employment Standards Act (Pregnancy and Parental Leave) at the time of application.

15.03.02A long term occasional teacher’s request for pregnancy/parental/adoption leave must be in writing to the long term occasional teacher’s principal and forwarded to the Executive Officer Human Resources Services at least two (2) weeks before the date the leave is to begin, or two (2) weeks after the long term occasional teacher stops working due to circumstances where the child comes into custody, care, or control of the parent for the first time sooner than expected. The written request should state the date the leave is to begin and expire.​

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